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    Brooklyn’s Protest Amid a Pandemic

    Thousands of people came out to demand justice for George Floyd.
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    2. Victoria Fuller and Chris Soules Are Newest Bachelor Couple
    3. Billie Eilish on All Lives Matter Crowd: ‘Shut the F- -k up’
    4. So How Do I Have Phone Sex?
    5. 9 Things to Consider When Dyeing Your Hair at Home
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    • power What’s More Deadly “I’m terrified of the coronavirus… But I had to choose which virus poses the biggest threat to my family, friends, and me. And that’s the police.”
    • the longest lives ‘We Lost Sister Grace on Monday’ The sisters of Mount Saint Vincent Convent are praying we learn from this.




    • science of us You Need a Schedule For days when it’s hard to make yourself do stuff.


    • black lives matter Billie Eilish Spanks All Lives Matter Crowd: ‘Will You Shut the F- -k up?’ “This is not about you. Stop making everything about you.” 

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